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Vision Therapy



Vision Therapy (Eye Therapy, Visual Therapy or Vision Training)

Vision Therapy is an individualized, supervised, treatment program designed to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies. Vision Therapy sessions include procedures designed to enhance the brain’s ability to control:

Eye Alignment

Eye Tracking

Eye Teaming

Eye Focusing Abilities

Eye Movements

Visual Process

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Who Benefits from Vision Eye Therapy?

Vision, Reading & Learning: Visual Learning Disabilities

Vision Therapy can help those individuals who lack the necessary visual skills for effective reading, writing, and learning (i.e., eye movements, eye tracking, eye teaming, and focusing skills, convergence, eye-hand activity, visual memory skills, etc.).

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Children or Adults with Eye Tracking Problems

Vision Therapy helps individuals develop normal eye tracking and eye teaming skills. When the two eyes fail to track and move together as an effective team (binocular vision), performance in many areas of life can suffer (reading, writing, sports, depth perception, etc.).

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