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Benefits of Vision Therapy



A significant percentage of children and adults have learning difficulties and/or reading problems that are caused by treatable vision problems. Vision is much more than 20/20 eyesight! A person could pass the 20-20 eye exam and still have an undetected vision problem that is interfering with learning and/or reading.

These types of vision problems do not go away on their own and will persist into adulthood if not treated. Adults who have not received proper evaluation and treatment often avoid the activities, such as reading or sports that bring on their symptoms. Due to lack of accurate diagnosis, these adults do not realize that their discomfort or struggles are being caused by vision problems.

There are several visual efficiency and visual processing skills that are used in school and work performance. Some of those include things like eye tracking, eye teaming, convergence, visual motor integration and visual perceptual skills. Challenges such as homework wars, poor handwriting, headaches after school/work, poor comprehension and not feeling as if you are reaching YOUR full potential can all be a thing of the past.

Here are some things to look for:


Frequent loss of place and/or skipping lines while reading
Frequent drowsiness or sleepiness following short periods of reading
Experiencing blurry and/or double vision
Headaches during and after reading/up close work
Decreased reading speed/fluidity
Confusing one word with another as the eyes skip around during reading
Habit of using a finger or marker or ruler as an aid during reading
Excessive head movement while reading, writing, or doing other close work
Poor comprehension during reading
Seemingly careless errors during close work
Poor reading comprehension
Attention and/or behavior problems specifically during reading or other close vision work

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these challenges, please call us today at 859-879-0089. We would be honored to come alongside you and help make lasting improvements in these areas.