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about Neuro Visual Performance Institute

Maximizing Human Performance: eyes-brain-body-mind

At Neuro-Visual Performance Institute, we believe that you are never too young or too old to benefit from Neuro-Visual Performance Training.  We understand how the Eyes, Brain, Body, and Mind are connected, and have developed specific programs to significantly and permanently improve how they work together.  We understand there is so much more to vision performance than 20/20 eyesight, and these visual skills are all learned!  This is why we are now dedicated exclusively to Neuro-Visual performance training.  

We have 38 years of experience helping patients to reach their full potential, improving their vision, visual skills and overall quality of life.  We always listen carefully to our patients and then we create an individualized plan, customized specifically to meet your needs.  At Neuro-Visual Performance Institute, you will receive professional, expert care with a personal and caring touch. That is why patients have even traveled 4 hours each way once a week for treatments because they saw the uniqueness and tremendous value in the program and were so pleased with the results.


We have helped students who were struggling and reading several grades below grade level to be able to read ahead of grade level with continued success after completing their program. *


We have helped students who were struggling with learning develop a love of learning, so much so that they even wanted to be a teacher.


We have helped athletes improve recognition and reaction times, along with the specific visual skills, needed to play their particular sport, helping them to become a star teammate.


We have helped patients be able to drive again who were told they would never drive.

* Children in these programs average over a 3-year improvement in performance in just 30 weeks.

We would love to get to know you and see how we can help you achieve your goals, too.  Please contact us today and see how we can help you, or a beloved family member, improve your quality of life.

How We Can Help!

To Provide Comprehensive Quality Care


38+ years experience

With over 38 years experience, you are certain to be in the best care.

Catered to You

We listen carefully to your needs and goals and then we create a customized plan just for you.


We are so certain that you will see results that we have an NPI Performance Guarantee.

The 17 Visual Skills

Did you know that Central Distant Acuity is the only one tested at most eye exams. With the Neuro-Visual Performance Doctors you will be tested for all 17 visual skills to provide the best results and diagnosis.


Central Visual Acuity:

seeing clearly and accurately


Peripheral Vision:

seeing objects at the sides while continuing to look straight ahead


Depth perception:

understanding whether seen objects are close to or far from each other


Color Perception:

distinguishing between colors


Eye-Movement Control:

each eye focusing on an object


Binocular Coordination:

both eyes working together to achieve clear and comfortable vision



the eyes’ ability to quickly move or “jump” between different focal points



both eyes’ smooth movements tracking a moving target



both eyes working together, toward each other, to focus on a nearby object


Accommodation flexibility:

the eye continuously changing its focus between near and distant objects


Accommodation endurance:

the eyes’ ability to maintain focus for close-up tasks


Visual memory:

remembering just-seen images


Visual Thinking:

analysis of the information about an image (visual/spatial learning or picture thinking)


Gross Visual Motor Skills:

employing visual information to direct the body’s movements in a coordinated way


Fine-visual Motor Skills:

employing visual information to control the movement of hands, fingers and feet


Visual Perception:

understanding what is being seen and using cognition to process this information


Visual Integration:

using vision together with other senses to perform complex tasks

Meet Our Staff

To Provide Comprehensive Quality Care

Dr. Rick Graebe

Dr. Rick Graebe


Dr. Graebe received both his B.S degree in Visual Science and Doctorate of Optometry from Indiana University. He is a Behavioral and Neuro Rehabilitation Optometrist and learning expert. He has been in private practice here in the Bluegrass area for the past 35+ years. He offers Vision Therapy and Neuro-rehabilitation services for patients of all ages. Dr. Rick Graebe is one of a select group of international optometrists who have completed board certification in Vision Therapy, Pediatric Developmental Vision Care and Vision Rehabilitation with the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD). Dr. Graebe is an expert in the type of specialty optometric care that is also called behavioral optometry, developmental or pediatric optometry, or neuro rehabilitation optometry, etc. When he is not in the office, odds are you will find him out on the golf course, watching college basketball/football or playing with whatever new vision therapy device he’s added to the clinic!

Dr. Mark Sullivan

Dr. Mark Sullivan


Dr. Mark Sullivan fell in love with vision therapy as a teenager when he was a patient in his hometown of Charlottesville, VA. Thanks to vision therapy, he first saw the clouds pop out at him in 3-d when he was 16. After receiving his bachelor’s in political science from Christopher Newport University, he returned home to become a vision therapist himself and eventually graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN with the goal of becoming a full time behavioral optometrist. When not seeing patients, Dr. Sullivan enjoys ballroom dance, sailing, video-games, movies, song-writing, and taking care of his two pet snakes Boris and Basil.

Allison Graebe

Allison Graebe

Office Manager

Meet our Office Manager, Allison! She joined the team in 2017. You can usually find her back in her office juggling schedules, making sure therapists & patients have what they need, promoting vision therapy, or trying to bring Dr. Graebe’s big ideas to life. Allison received her Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Strategic Communications (Public Relations) from the University of Kentucky. When she’s not in the office, she’s probably reading, working out, baking, making music or spending time with family. She loves God, her family and her backyard chickens. Fun fact: She’s also Dr. Graebe’s daughter!
Jennifer Ciecorka

Jennifer Ciecorka

Vision Therapist

Meet Jennifer! She is one of our long-standing optometric vision therapists. Jennifer has worked with Dr. Graebe for over 10 years! She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Kentucky University (Go Colonels!). She loves being able to come to work and help change lives. Each patient has made an impact on her in some way. When Jennifer isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband Michael, her daughter Addison and her fur baby Chloe. She loves being outside, taking family walks and crafting! One of her most favorite activities is baking with her daughter. Each day is a blessing and she believes in making the most of it!
Bradley Jacobs, MBA, BS

Bradley Jacobs, MBA, BS

MBA, BS, Vision Therapist

Bradley received both his B.S. degree in Neuroscience and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati. He is a Neuro Rehabilitation Therapist with experience in cutting-edge concussion and stroke research as well as performance-enhancing vision training for D1 athletes, including UC’s most winning season on record.

Bradley joined Children’s Vision and Learning Center in 2022 and brings his extensive history with the Cincinnati Bearcats to Versailles. For nearly 10 years, Bradley has worked alongside UC’s own Dr. Joseph Clark to help increase performance and reduce concussion rates through vision and brain training.

While not with patients, Bradley enjoys spending time with friends and family, riding his bikes, and reading fiction and non-fiction alike.

Our Services

To Provide Comprehensive Quality Care

Successful Treatment
at Any Age

Correcting Eye Turns
Without Surgery

Significant Increase
in Quality of Life

Treat Problems that Cause Underachievement in School

Improve Reading, Comprehension and Overall Learning Skills

Eliminate Homework Wars

Improve Handwriting

Enhanced Sport Performance

Improve Balance, Reaction Time, & Ability to Process

Decrease Chances of Falling
and Increase Mobility

Decrease Motion Sickness

Treat Issues Caused by Concussions, Strokes, and TBI